Wide Awake Conference - Grace Bible Church of Bakersfield

Wide Awake Conference - Grace Bible Church of Bakersfield

Wide Awake - A Grace Bible Church of Bakersfield Conference

A partnership with Grace Bible Church of Bakersfield is nothing short of amazing. Wide Awake 2024 was the 3rd event that we have had the pleasure of partnering with GBCOB with and I think this was the best one yet! 

When I began to chat with James about their Wide Awake 2024 conference I knew right away that they were going to have an amazing event. We began to share design ideas in November 2023. They wanted to partner with Righteous Wretch to not only be at their event but also help them with the logo design, stickers, and shirts for all the attendees. 

I quickly reached out to Spencer Albright because I knew he had the right artistic eye to create something the church could latch onto. His first design was a solid triple! We made a couple of small tweaks after some design meetings with the leadership at GBCOB and we were off to print! 

James Olewiler and Brandon Brummett were great communicators throughout the whole process leading up to the event and even secured a place for us to stay while we were there. 

By the start of the event we were ready to go and even debuted a new design not yet available online. The support we receive from the attendees is amazing! We love seeing our shirts be worn around campus. It is fuel to keep going! 

Jesse Johnson ended up being the only headlining speaker since Phil Johnson had to have surgery and was unable to make it.  Let me tell you, Jesse is a treat to listen to, be around, and learn from. His charismatic attitude is super easy to get along with. His speaking ability is top notch and we really enjoyed listening to him speak on the topic of Christian Nationalism. It is no surprise that he holds a spot on the board at The Masters University. 

GBCOB Senior pastor Steve Swartz absolutely knocked it out of the park with a short notice to fill in for Phil Johnson. He prepared a lot of detailed information about our nation, nations in general, and how all of it ties to scripture. 

We love our ongoing partnership with GBCOB and look forward to more Wide Awake conferences in the future. 

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